Why Have a Private Guide?

Forget stressing about whether the lodge or camp you have chosen will live up to expectations and leave the aggravations of sticking to a complex itinerary to someone else. With a private guide, there's no need to worry about flight times, transfers and getting to the airstrip on time as everything will be taken care of, meaning that you are free to absorb everything you see and experience and appreciate the nuances you may otherwise miss.

It's about knowledge...

A private guide's knowledge and passion for sharing everything that makes Africa so special adds a unique dimension to your safari, allowing you to learn more than you dreamed possible about each place that you visit and each face that greets you. This enthusiasm and deep understanding will open your eyes to an Africa you never even knew existed and will leave you wanting to return again and again.

...and experience

Years of travelling Africa's incredible wild places, devoted to learning about both its vibrant cultures and iconic wildlife and guiding at the highest levels, are what a private guide brings to your safari. This experience gives rise to ultimate professionalism, extreme composure and unsurpassed competency, leaving you assured that you are in the best hands possible.

It's about consistency...

You may be travelling to a host of different lodges and destinations across Africa, but your private guide will ensure that everything runs smoothly, consistently and without the need for repetition. Your private guide will be familiar with your interests, what you've already seen and what you want to see and will work with everyone on your journey to ensure that you have the ultimate safari experience. 

...and personal service

Hours and hours of planning go into a safari, but once you arrive the days seem to fly by. Your private safari guide will help to maximise every moment you have in the bush and their years of experience in 5-star lodges gives them an in-depth understanding of lodge operations, enabling them to work with the camps and lodges you stay at to create a truly extraordinary experience. Your private safari guide is also available to you throughout the day, and is on-hand to help with editing photographs, answer any questions and generally help make your safari as memorable as it can be.

It's about peace of mind...

Knowing that you'll be in the hands of an African expert, who will meet you on arrival and accompany you throughout your journey, is one of the greatest advantages a private safari guide can give you. Your guide is on hand throughout your safari to manage any issues that may arise, ensure smooth transitions between destinations and alleviate the worry of handling sometimes challenging logistics. 

...and having fun

More than anything, your private safari guide is there to make sure you enjoy the most thrilling, wonderful and eye-opening authentic African experience possible. You'll learn about Africa’s wildlife, people and cultures in a fun and engaging way and you will build up a wonderful rapport with your private guide, as they share the incredible knowledge they have acquired. With entertaining fireside stories, your private safari guide will also appreciate that time with family, friends and loved ones is important. This is all about you, and making sure that you have the ultimate African experience.