West Coast

The Cape West Coast is acclaimed for its lively display of wild flowers in the spring, coastal fishing villages and small fun-filled holiday resorts. The West Coast stretches from Cape Town as far as the border of the Northern Cape at Touws River, a unique railway town of 6,800 people, located on the Touws River, about 160 km north-east of Cape Town. It includes the undeniably beautiful Cederberg mountains that contain centuries-old rock art. Along the coastline is a course of quaint historic towns and fishing villages such as Paternoster, Saldanha, Langebaan and Lambert's Bay, a small fishing village which has developed  into a popular seaside resort attracting many visitors with its white sandy beaches and sky-blue sea.

Langebaan, just an hour away from Cape Town, and its lagoon, are an absolute favourite amongst locals and holidaymakers presenting ideal opportunities for watersports, windsurfing and sailing.

Route 27 on the Cape West coastline, is the heart of seafood and a number of open-air beach restaurants offer excellent seafood fresh from the sea, cooked on open fires whilst cooked on open fires, you can enjoy watching the sun slowly disappear over the sea. 

The nearby West Coast National Park is a world-acclaimed wetland and is a bird lovers paradise. A wide variety of birds, wildlife, spectacular flowers and breathtaking scenery can be seen here. A variety of Accommodation is available,  from camping to guesthouses, as well as the popular Greek style Club Mykonos resort.