Uganda is rightly known as the ‘Pearl of Africa’, with unspoilt rainforest, wide-open plains, one of the highest mountain ranges in Africa, lakes, waterfalls and wonderfully warm and welcoming people.

A close encounter with a family of wild gorillas led by a formidable silverback is probably on most travellers’ wish list. Trekking deep into the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest will bring you in front of these magnificent creatures where your heart will, almost literally, be in your mouth, and all the while a little voice in your head is telling you to stay calm. It’s a magical hour but Uganda is so much more.

Home to the Big 5, Uganda is dripping with authentic wildlife and cultural experiences. It offers you a true sense of adventure and rewards those intrepid souls with opportunities to track chimpanzees in Kibale, watch the River Nile explode down Murchison Falls, tick lions, leopards, elephants, over 1000 species of birds off of your wildlife wish list plus many more.

From the mist-shrouded ‘Mountains of the Moon in the Rwenzori National Park to the bustling markets of Kampala. Learn to pick tea and witness the tree-climbing lions of Ishasha. Immerse yourself in Uganda and it promises you some of the most complete African adventures imaginable.

Uganda lies on the equator in East Africa. The largest part of the country forms a hilly, green plateau of the African continental shelf between 1,000 and 1,500 m. At the Western border of Uganda lies the Central African rift valley. Throughout the year Uganda receives abundant rainfall, so the country is always green. In Uganda, there are both the typical east African savannah and the central African rainforests. Only in this lush Garden of Eden, can one observe giraffes, elephants, lions and leopards in the morning hours and in the afternoon admiring the Chimpanzees or watch the hippos lazing in the water, crocodiles basking in the sun, as well as have an unforgettable Trek in the Rwenzori Mountains.

Uganda is home to more than 10 species of Primates that include the endangered mountain gorillas. They live in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, which is located in western Uganda, Mgahinga Gorilla and National Park in the southwest of the country. With 10 national parks and several nature reserves, is also home to the renowned "Big Five" and you will be guaranteed excellent game viewing without tourist traffic. Uganda, with over 1,000 bird species, of which a significant percentage is endemic, is a true paradise for bird watchers. In particular bird watching tours through Western Uganda can often identify 400 different species of birds.

  Uganda has more to offer than just Wildlife, Lake Victoria, the second largest freshwater lake of the earth, the source of the River Nile, the longest river in the world which offers numerous opportunities for white water rafting. Derived from the traditional hospitality, the people of Uganda are referred to as one of "Africa's friendliest people." The Ugandan nation is made up of about 62 tribes that stem from 4 Ethnic groups that include; The Bantu, The Sudainic, The West Nilotes and East Nilotes. Each tribe speaks its own dialect. English is the official language and Swahili is commonly understood, however, Luganda is the widely spoken local language. Wherever one goes, whether local or foreigner you will always be greeted with a friendly smile.