Twala Volunteer Experience

Twala Trust is a non-profit organisation created to provide a safe haven for animals in need in Zimbabwe.  Twala provides care, healing and rehabilitation to a host of delightful creatures, both wild and domestic. Twala provides a home to groups of rescued lions, serval cats, primates, birds of prey, African hedgehogs, bush babies, baboons, reptiles, exotic birds as well as a host of dogs, cats and farmyard animals.  From all over Zimbabwe, a mixed and fascinating array of beautiful creatures come to Twala for help.  All the animals at Twala are rescued—Twala does not breed, buy or sell animals.  Once treated and where possible the animals are released back into the wild.  

If you are looking for a completely unique volunteer experience Twala Trust Animal Sanctuary is the place for you.  The Sanctuary is in a stunning setting with a warm, friendly and fun atmosphere.  Twala is a real and personal African experience in a private Wildlife Sanctuary. The Volunteer House is beautifully situated in the heart of the Sanctuary, allowing a maximum of 6 volunteers sharing the house at any time in a homely environment.  The exceptional experience of actually living within the Sanctuary itself is incredible and volunteers can expect the animal residents to pay regular, often hilarious, visits to the house to see what volunteers are up to.  Some rescued animals may need to share the house with you as the young orphans need special care.  Twala is a special and unique experience. 

 Should volunteers need to cool down, the swimming pool is right outside the house entrance, under supervision of the animal residents of course! Waking up to a beautiful morning at Twala is an experience in itself with stunning views over the lake, surrounded by African bush and the natural sounds of the bird and animal residents, right on your doorstep - Twala is your African home from home.   

Twala is a family and volunteers become part of this Family and participate in every aspect of the Sanctuary from feeding and cleaning the animals, raising orphans, rehabilitating sick or injured animals for release back into the wild, going on rescues, building habitats and creating environmental enrichment for the animals.  It does not take long for volunteers to notice the very different and special needs of each animal and their many amusing characters.     Twala runs a free community vet clinic from the Sanctuary which feeds and provides veterinary care for over 200 dogs per week from rural areas.  Volunteers assist with these clinics giving an excellent insight into rural communities and an opportunity to experience a touch of what life is like for owners and their dogs in rural Zimbabwe.  Dr Vinay Ramlaul is the resident vet of Twala Trust Animal Sanctuary so Twala does its own veterinary work.  Vet Student volunteers have the opportunity to spend time at Vin’s busy Harare veterinary surgery observing small animal practices.  The Twala volunteer program is suitable for veterinary students, individuals and families.  Twala supports a local school offering the children free environmental education and volunteers are also closely involved in this project.    Twala Trust Animal Sanctuary is one of a kind and reasonably priced at $120 (United States Dollars) per person per day.  Included in this price is your accommodation, all meals prepared by our Housekeeper, laundry, snacks, soft drinks, housekeeping and trips to local places of interest and craft markets.  The minimum stay is 2 weeks.  Volunteers must be 18 years and over.  The Twala Representative collects you from Harare airport and takes you directly to begin your Twala experience.