Tuléar / Ifaty

Reniala Private Reserve which is a small 45 ha protected area, managed by an environmental association called Reniala (meaning baobab in Malagasy) that is trying to develop eco-tourism in the area. The reserve is located less than 1km from the Mozambique Channel near the village of Ifaty-Mangily. An early morning visit guarantees sightings of the Long-Tailed Ground Roller and Subdesert Mesite, two endemic species. The towering spiny forest is home to more than 2,000 plant species (many of them locally endemic), some spectacular and very old baobabs (there is a giant baobab of 12,5 m diameter) and a completely endemic plant family, the Didieraceae. Reniala includes a botanical trail and a bird sanctuary. 

Ifaty is also a beach destination with a number of diving and snorkeling excursions as well as kite surfing and boat trips.