The Solo Travel

Thanks to Social Media for making Solo Travel stick out like the ‘Proverbial Sore Thumb’ - only in this instance, the appeal is far greater than any ‘Sore Thumb’. Rather, it speaks of adventures untold, embracing the unknown and it is really all about getting LOST and FINDING oneself…..and one’s true passion or life calling…… After all, travel is the best education  for the soul, RIGHT!

We fondly refer to this type of traveller as the ‘Solo Artist’  - (i.e. One who masters the art of travel through self-discovery and life experiences)

Standing true to the ideology of Solo Travel we, at Personal Collection, listen and help curate experiences that are completely off the beaten track, uncovering the hidden gems of Africa and bring to life, experiences in their natural setting or habitat, all with one goal in mind – to give you soulful journeys that will last a lifetime or three.

The real beauty of being a Solo Artist is that you have a blank canvas to paint the world as you see it, live it or experience it, all with a freedom that is totally yours and you can govern the experiences simply to suit your mood and likes – sounds interesting right! Well, this is just the tip of the ice berg. Take that, together with G&T in hand and scour through our website for your bucket list must do’s, and when you have an idea in mind, contact us, your African Specialists to tailor a journey that will not only render you speechless throughout your travel, it will also satiate your soul by creating your personal legacy and leaving your footprint behind in Africa.

What is most appealing about Solo Travel  is these self-developed artists are technology fundi’s and unite the world by their personal experiences, through a lens. This is why we have come to call them, the Solo Artist.  

For the active and the not so active Solo Artist, Personal Collection brings you a multitude of experiences that will resonate with your passion and bucket list wants, so go on and take the leap into an unforgettable African Adventure.