Specialised Safaris

Africa offers unparalleled wildlife safaris. Over the years, our safaris have evolved from a simple game drive seeking out the Big 5 to so much more  – one can now choose a specialised type of safari experience that suits your individual appetite. You can do it in style and air charter from one reserve to another or make your honeymoon all about the exclusivity of a safari adventure. Perhaps you are an eager photographer,  then booking a safari with a local specialised wildlife photographic guide will be exactly what you are looking for. Your guide will show you how to take the perfect picture with an African background.     

If you are adventurous and would rather travel independently without the worries of a companion, we can put together a perfect solo itinerary for you. Africa is the ideal location for a soulful journey to discover oneself. To travel on a new journey alone is exhilarating but to travel with your family is a priceless adventure and gathers unforgettable memories and stories. Family Safari’s aims to offers safaris that connect families, strengthen bonds and educates children with the true natural wonders of the world. 

 Africa is a destination that will give you an experience like no other and Personal Collection will ensure we tailor-make a trip perfect for your family, from villas to private lodges, there is something for everyone including the grandparents.