Selous Game Reserve

Selous Game Reserve – this reserve, although rarely visited as much as the Northern reserves, is the 2nd largest reserve in Africa and was declared a World Heritage site in 1982. It is twice the area of Denmark and 3.75 times larger than the Serengeti making it a dream to explore this endless and untouched wild region. 

Selous Game Reserve was named after Frederick Courtenay Selous, a keen naturalist and conservationist, as well as a hunter. He was killed in the First World War in the Beho Beho region of the reserve.

One of the main features of the reserve is the Rufiji River which pretty much dissects the reserve in two. The Rufiji River is the largest river in Tanzania and flows from the southwest to the northeast. Together with its tributaries, including the Great Ruaha and Luwego, the Rufiji has high concentration of hippo and crocodiles. If you are looking for Fish eagles, you in the right place as they are numerous in this region. Unlike other East Africa reserves, Selous offers boat cruises on the Rufiji River.  The reserve can be explored by boat, sailing through swamps and lagoons, or by foot (Selous is one of the few reserves were walking safaris is permitted in Tanzania). The reserve has large number of big game that is elephant, buffaloes and rhino. It also has one of the biggest concentrations of wild dog.

A visit to Selous will definitely set your soul on fire.