Photographic Safaris

This is an experience like no other where a regular safari is taken to the next level, combining a focused environment with adventure and creativity, capturing the finest wildlife photography while enhancing your skills as a photographer through focusing on technical and practical skills during the duration of the game drives. 

This safari experience is designed for those enthusiasts in the world, who may venture out as beginners, but will soon enough enter into the early stages of semi-professional photographers. Where better to be the best photographer you can be than in the natural environments of the organic African bush? Botswana, South Africa, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Kenya are just some of Africa’s finest travel destinations that offer this unique experience. 

These specialized safaris can be experienced on a game vehicle that has been specifically adapted for cameras with extra room for equipment and extended booms, as well as on boats. The package includes the guidance of a professional guide. The many elements and principles of photography will also be discussed throughout the safari such as lighting, backlighting, action shots, space, composition, shooting techniques and panning. A new aspect of photography becomes essential to this particular photography experience and that is, vehicle placement and animal behaviour. Furthermore it is vital that you will be provided with a guide whose level of expertise lie in these areas. 

To be aware of: 

If your trip is in our green season, the southern hemisphere’s summer, make sure to pack your rain jacket as well as cool clothing as the odd afternoon thunder shower may occur however it will still be humid! Remember, a hat and sunscreen for during Africa’s sunny days. And of course, if you really want to take your African safari experience to a professional level by being safari-cheek, suggested colours to wear are beige, khaki, olive green or any neutral colours. You’ll blend right it. 

Most importantly, don't forget your camera! Unless you are reluctant to bring your own equipment, that is alright too, guests are able to rent equipment for the duration of your trip.  

These safari’s do come at a premium price however guarantee some of the most elite wildlife photography experiences in Africa.