Paul Kirui

I was born on the outskirts of the Masai Mara game reserve and herded cattle as a child. My childhood passion was to become a safari guide and it was during this period that i learnt tracking, signs and alarm call interpretation in the bush as a necessity for survival. I later went to sharpen these skills at top wildlife and tourism colleges in Kenya and South Africa for proper guiding.

These skills have become recognized on projects with the BBC Natural History unit where i have worked since 2006 as an animal behavior consultant  (special leopard tracker) for the Big Cat Week and Big Cat Live programs, also Disney nature during the filming of African Cats in 2009/10. I am also a specialist East African birder having learnt birds from childhood. I am currently carrying out research on the vultures in Masai Mara game reserve in conjunction with the department of ornithology of the National Museums and the Peregrine Fund. This project was aired on BBC 1 during the Big Cat Live programme. Conde Nast Travel listed me as one of the 25 best guides in Africa in December 2013. I am one of the few gold level guides in Kenya and a five star level guide in Rwanda. I have also won the coveted Eco-Warrior best guide award in Kenya for two years running, 2016/7

I have worked as a guide for the last 27 years, guiding many guests to different wilderness areas in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda. I have worked as a safari leader for many safari companies i.e. Tim Trench safaris, Lowis and Leakey safaris, Roadscholar and Natural Habitat Adventures, leading guests all over East Africa.