Moremi Game Reserve

Located in the north eastern sector of the delta, Moremi, a small but extremely diverse area, is described as one of the most beautiful reserves in Africa as a result of this diversity. It combines mopane woodland, forests, dry land with islands and floodplains. Approximately 20% of the Okavango Delta is found within the Moremi Reserve.  One of the reasons Moremi is such a successful and unique reserve is due to the fact it receives the richest deposits of sediment from the annual floods. This in turn produces lush grasses which attract more plains game which brings more predators. Moremi is bordered by further private concessions offering world class accommodation and safaris.

 Moremi Game Reserve is the oldest section of the Okavango Delta in Botswana and as a sign of respect and gratitude; the reserve was named after the Batawana tribe members, chief Moremi III and his wife. 

It is home to some of the most endangered species of large mammals such as cheetah, white and black rhinoceros, African wild dog as well as lion. Over 500 species of birds live here (from water birds to forest monks) as well as 1000’s of recognized species of plants making up one of the richest, not to mention effectively protected, ecosystems in Africa. Moremi game reserve is currently the only protected section of the Okavango Delta and it holds enormous scientific, environmental and conservation importance.