Matobo Hills

Matobo Hills is a world Heritage Site just 30km outside of Bulawayo town in southern Zimbabwe.  This is a special place, full of ancient/cultural history and nature snuggled into a spiritual landscape of fine sculpted granite. 

The Matobo National Park forms the core of the Matobo Hills, an area of granite kopjes and wooded valleys. The hills were formed over 2 billion years ago with granite being forced to the surface, this has eroded to produce smooth "whaleback dwalas" and broken kopjes, strewn with boulders and interspersed with thickets of vegetation.   People have found shelter in these rocky places for centuries, leaving a legacy of rock art that is thought to date back as long as 13,000 years.  Certain areas within the landscape remain sacred to local people and are maintained as shrines. Mzilikazi, founder of the Ndebele nation, gave the area its name, meaning 'Bald Heads'.

The infamous Cecil John Rhodes, who called a country after himself, is buried here on a site referred to as Worlds View.