Madagascar Activities

Named the lonely and undiscovered planet, and described as the eighth continent of the world, Madagascar is a fascinating place with a collection of weird, unique, captivating and extraordinary things to explore. Madagascar is a huge island nation, one of the largest in the world, off the southeast coast of Africa. It is home to rainforests with breathtaking flora and fauna to trek and hike through, stunning beaches and lakes to enjoy water sports like kitesurfing, kayaking, windsurfing or surfing, beautiful coastal and coral reefs with fascinating marine life to snorkel amongst and plenty of animal species to experience unique encounters with, including lemurs (which can only be found in madagascar) of which are all ready to be explored. Whether it’s a lemur day tour, a five day Baobab avenue tour exploring the island, kayaking around the island or a Canal des Pangalanes boat ride or an adventurous mountain trek from Antananarivo to Ranohira, discovering remarkable nature, whatever it is you choose to fill up your itinerary, Madagascar will not fail to amaze you. This is a land like no other.