Lake Manyara

Lake Manyara, once one of the most popular hunting areas in Tanzania, is a relatively smaller sized park compared to its neighbours at 325sq km. Although small, it has five very different vegetation zones and it has the Great Rift Valley Escarpment as its backdrop. The Great Rift Valley can be identified from space as the most distinctive feature in Africa.  The seam of the Great Rift Valley has developed a series of fascinating and beautiful lakes, one being Lake Manyara. Lake Manyara National Park has exceptional wildlife thanks to its diversity of vegetation zones. Every animal you ever imagined in Africa is sure to be found here. There are great herds of buffalo, zebra, wildebeest, and many different varieties of gazelle.  Mahogany, sausage and croton trees are alive with blue monkeys and vervet monkeys.  Of course you can find large pods of hippos gathered together at the rivers which flow into the lake. And most important Lake Manyara is famous for their tree climbing lions –which can be found lazing on acacia trees.  Of course there is much talk about why they possibly do this, one reason being they climb higher to gain a hunting advantage however most seem to think they escape the tsetse flies and the dense undergrowth whilst remaining in the shade of the high trees.