This charming city is nestled between green rolling hills and borders the banks of Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest lake. . There is so much more to Kampala than the beauty, it has a fascinating history and has developed into a vibrant city that never sleeps. 

Before the British, the city was the capital of the Buganda Kingdom, and remains so to this day. The city sits on several hills, each housing an important government or religious building. Kasubi Hill is the home of the Kasubi Tombs, a world heritage site and sacred burial ground of Buganda Kings. The Uganda Museum sits atop Kololo Hill, and features a hands-on collection of traditional musical instruments.
Kampala has a population of approximately 2.5 million, which makes it by far the largest city in Uganda. Kampala is relatively safe to walk around in most parts, even at night. Locals head to Lake Victoria at the end of the day to escape the happy chaos of the city and the heat. The lake is full of activities including fishing, sailing, jet boats, canoe racing or you can chose to simply sit and watch the sunset with a cold local beer or cocktail.
Later into the evening, the city comes alive.   There are many bars offering West African and Jamaican music or even some that offer live jazz bands.