Kafue National Park

Next up is Kafue National Park – Kafue NP is one of Africa’s largest parks, covering 22 400 sq km – half the size of Switzerland.  The Kafue River runs through the northern part of the park and along its east central border. Just around 3 hours drive from Lusaka to the central gate on the Eastern side. This does make for an easy getaway or affordable add on for your safari out of Lusaka. Of course should you want to head to the Southern sector of park or far northern areas you would have to add on another hour or so depending on how far up or down you go.  In the south you will find Lake Itezhi Tezhi with its rocky bays and wonderful fishing.  The lake was formed as a result of a hydroelectric dam constructed at the southern end of the Kafue Flats .This dam provides incredible fishing opportunities for catching bream, barbell and pike. Most lodges in the area will offer boat trips and have fishing rods and tackle available.  In the north you will find the Busanga Plains which offers a huge variety of wildlife and in particular the largest number of different species of antelope.  The region is predominately miombo forest which gives way to savannah grasslands along with rock hills, marshes and riverine forests.

A note to remember is that many of the lodges are closed from November to May.