Inhambane offers some of the best diving and surfing grounds for the serious diver – a not to be missed destination for water recreational activities. Considered to be one of the top tourism regions in Mozambique, it is loved for its constant tropical climate and inviting beaches. Join other explorers on a day trip to Tofo with its sweeping curved beach, protected from the sea by a rock and reef shelf.

Diving for Mantas

Be sure to include Inhambane to your holiday as this amazing Mozambique dive site features the world-famous Manta Reef, a massive Manta cleaning station. Divers of all cultures and backgrounds flock to Mozambique’s Inhambane region to find Giant Manta Rays, Whale Sharks, turtles and other splendid sea creatures.

Secluded Beaches and Villas

Explore the Ponta do Barra (Barra Point). Its colourful coral reef is a dream come true for diving and snorkelling enthusiasts. Nearby, Barra Beach is only 30 minutes from Inhambane town and a honeymooner’s ultimate escape, offering secluded beaches, rustic accommodation in coconut groves and endless horizons met by the kiss of the Indian Ocean. 

Inhambane is one of the oldest settlements in Mozambique, founded in 1560 by the Portuguese and now served by an airport and a harbour. This small town has evolved over the centuries and today offers banks, petrol stations, a public transportation system and a museum. The cafe lined streets add to the appeal and gives off an energy of pure African Soul with an unexpected vibrancy to it. 

Inhambane boasts the largest cashew nut plantation around Mozambique and the versatile coconut and citrus fruits also come from this area.