Fish River Canyon

Fish River Canyon is one of the most majestic canyons in the world and is not only Namibia’s most spectacular geological phenomenon but also the 2nd largest canyon in the world.  Over 500 million years ago, there were shifts and changes in the Earths crusts with resulted in large water erosion and created some deep gorges and plunging ravines. One, being the Fish River Canyon, which lies in the lower reaches of Namibia’s longest river, The Fish River.  It is 161 km long, 27km wide and up to 550 metres deep.  

Depending on what time of the year you visit the Fish River Canyon, your adventure will be different. IN the dry winter season, you will find a very arid riverbed with the odd puddle of water if you lucky. This is a great time to hike (May to September). The hike is 86 km in length and takes about 5 days and does require good physical health.   Much easier hikes, no less beautiful, are offered in the bordering private "Canyon Nature Park". The adjacent "Gondwana Canyon Park", also private, offers scenic hikes as well.  In the summer rainy months, the river becomes a raging flood of water and is a although a complete contract to the winter months, but is equally as captivating and beautiful and with diverse habitats supports a variety of mammals, reptiles, insects, fish and bird life including the Goliath heron, Nama padloper tortoise, the elusive leopard, bat-eared fox and mountain zebra.  The Fish River Canyon is a truly a unique destination and is appreciated by photographers and nature lovers.   There is a quiet atmosphere amongst this colossal feature and gives you a feeling that you walking on the moon.