Family Travel

“Travelling in the Company of those we love is Home in Motion”  

So aptly quoted by Leigh Hunt, it makes us reflect on the formative years growing up and ever so often, trading the humdrum of everyday life for a family adventure to some exotic location - just the opportunity to ‘Get Away’ and reconnect with each other, to rekindle the level of social connectedness between the different generations was something to behold and appreciate.

Today, the concept has been given a new lease and FAMILY TRAVEL thankfully is evolving to encompass differentiated experiences that caters to all; from grandparents all the way down the generations through to the 6year old grandchild. It gives mum & dad the opportunity to disconnect from routine, explore unchartered territory with family in tow and a multitude of options to embrace adventure as it unfolds with zeal and a unified satisfaction.

The delight and appreciation from an African adventure; be it seeing wildlife up close, or meerkats bobbing in and out of their little burrows, to appreciating the undulating African landscapes below from an open-air balloon safari, or the wonder and excitement exuded by children on receiving their first ‘Little Ranger’ certificates - all this and so much more to absorb and digest. Africa really does offers it all!

Families can now create memorable moments across the generations and have much to talk about over dinner or during a quiet moment. The true reflections come from the realization that these often-overlooked moments are life’s real treasures, and family time away should not be taken for granted.

To us at Personal Collection, this is the benchmark of quality family time; which when reflecting on the quote above, gives great significance and truth to the words therein.

Personal Collection travel tips for the best Family Holiday/ multigenerational travel

• Ensure your travel plans include diversity and vary the activities to keep all members actively involved and having a good time.
• Where possible, book a specialist guide. These qualified individuals are child friendly and know how to keep kids entertained.
• Time Out – for both adults and kids to escape and explore personal interests. Child minders can be arranged for the kids to give the adults quality time.

Family travel presents the perfect opportunity for kids to learn the importance of both nature and wildlife and how we all co-exist. It is a fun filled holiday with an education - showcasing life as we live it, appreciate it and nurture it together.