Central Kalahari Game Reserve

Central Kalahari Game Reserve – One of the largest reserves in the world, the Kalahari Reserve is 52 000 sq km (5 200 000 ha). During the dry season, wildlife is scarce however after the first rains of the season in November and by December the region starts to liven up with the arrival of newborn herbivores which naturally attract predators.  Home to traditional desert wildlife such as black-maned lions, brown hyena, leopard, lynx , bat eared fox, Cape fox and the television famous meerkats.  The reserve is also home to wild dog, steenbuck, oryx, springbucks, blue wildebeest and without a doubt Botswana’s biggest population of cheetah.  The heart of the Central Kalahari Reserve and the most popular with tourists is Deception Valley which has formed from the course of an ancient river that, many thousands of years ago was once flowing. The river may have been a tributary of the vast ancient lake that once covered much of the central plateau, or may have been part of the lake at one time, but now is a place where herds of springbok and gemsbok gather.