Caprivi Strip

This narrow Namibian corridor is around 450km and runs from west to east. It is just 32 kilometres wide and separates Botswana and Angola It is made up of 2 sections, the Western section being the Okavango Region and the east is referred to as the Eastern Caprivi.  It is bordered by Chobe, Cuando, Linyati and Zambezi Rivers and bisected by the Okavango and Kwando Rivers.  Hence the plethora of birdlife and wildlife as well as rich in mineral sources.   This corridor is also a natural pathway for elephant moving from Botswana and Namibia into Angola, Zambia and Zimbabwe. There are a number of national parks in the Caprivi Strip, that being Bwabwata NP, Mudumu and Nkasa Rupara NP.   With all the parks and waterways and very little human residents, this strip really can be described as the Garden of Eden.