Angus Begg

With an activist granny and a mother driven by a strong sense of injustice – to human or animal - Angus’ career, interests and passions were seemingly set out for him. Starting with Visnews (now Reuters TV) in the townships of pre-democracy South Africa, he was on national current affairs drive-time radio and started up a pan-African TV channel for SABC, before nine years as a producer/director for Carte Blanche. Throughout this period of two and a bit decades, Angus was always writing and photographing, for among others Conde Nast Traveller, CNN Traveller, the UK’s Weekend Telegraph and a range of local titles. 

His own operation – African Storybook  ( - has two arms; a Private Specialist Guiding operation on the one hand, and producing media content, especially for the tourism and conservation industries. 

Angus has won a CNN TV award, received a commendation for his photojournalism, been twice nominated for radio documentaries and

was the only writer from Africa to be nominated for the International Travel writer of the year award 2015. He maintains the experience gained in the relevant stories is what drives him to create ‘content’ and share stories, but that most important is making the proverbial difference to the lives of people and the planet; caring for our fellow creatures, the rhinos, toads, sharks and pangolins that call it home.